City employee health care plan audit ongoing

 Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway.Mayor Michael Bloomberg is joined by Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway, City councilmember James Gennaro and Deputy Mayor for Operations Stephen Goldsmith to launch real-time online water use tracking for homeowners and businesses at City Hall Blue Room in Manhattan.

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Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said the city doesn’t understand why the court or the unions would want someone not entitled to a health care plan to take advantage of the program.

A city audit of employee health care plans — part of an ambitious effort to weed out ineligible recipients — has ground to a halt after a legal dustup with the unions.

A coalition of municipal labor groups repping roughly 250,000 workers sued to stop the three-month-old audit, saying the city should not have started it without first negotiating the terms.

A Manhattan judge last week issued a temporary restraining order stopping the review while the two sides work it out.


“We’re not against the survey, we want some rules,” said Harry Nespoli, chairman of the Municipal Labor Committee.

The unions were particularly concerned that their members would have to hand over personal details to the city.

It also wanted the city to guarantee amnesty for people caught putting ineligible family members — like ex-spouses and dependents over 27 years old — on their benefits.

Some 25 percent of the city’s workforce already responded to the audit, according to the mayor’s office.

The city has vowed to appeal.

“We don’t understand why the court or unions would want the city’s taxpayers to pay for the health coverage of people not entitled to participate in the city’s program,” said Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway.

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