Mighty Quinn: July 29

The Mighty One is in a big hole

Mighty tries to keep his streak alive by going with the Pirates on Monday. 

Interesting facts from recent issues of Playboy:

$ 2.7 billion: Amount “Seinfeld” has earned since going off the air, an average of $ 14 million per episode.

35% of married adults have dinged their car and told their spouse someone else did it. 25% have hidden a traffic ticket from their spouse.

10%: In Russia, until last year, any beverage with less than 10% alcohol was considered a soft drink.

10.3 minutes: Time it takes the 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sports Vitesse to empty its 26.4-gallon fuel tank at 250 mph.

Car color popularity in 2012: white: 22%; silver: 20%; black: 19%; red: 9%; blue: 7%; green: 2%.

56% of people born after 1983 don’t know the basis of Roe v. Wade.

16% believe it had to do with school desegregation.

Mighty hit with the Blue Jays on Sunday and likes the Pirates on Monday. The deficit is 1433 sirignanos.

Daily News – Sports

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