Many kinds of Fringe benefits fill 17th annual stage fest

Mara Wilson, who starred in the movie ‘Matilda,’ wrote the Fringe Festival’s ‘Sheeple.’

Mara Wilson, who starred in the movie ‘Matilda,’ wrote the Fringe Festival’s ‘Sheeple.’

It’s back! The New York International Fringe Festival returns for season 17 today and runs through Aug. 25.

As always, the sampler of some 200 plays, musicals and more offers a broad array of entertainment — and at $ 15 a pop, a cheap night out.

How to weed through the field at Let what’s tickled your theatrical taste buds before be your guide.

You like: The musical “Matilda.”

Try: “S heeple,” by Mara Wilson. She played Matilda in the movie.

You like: “Avenue Q,” which stars potty-mouthed puppets.

Try: “Aisle Six,” which features an evil puppet.

You like: “The Book of Mormon” by “South Park” writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Try: “Rubble,” by “Simpsons” writer Mike Reiss. It stars Bruce Vilanch.

You like: “Buyer & Cellar,” a one-man show about working for Barbra Streisand.

Try: “Why Not Me,” a one-woman show about working for Nicolas Cage.

You like: “The Trip to Bountiful,” about a journey home.

Try: “Alabama Bound,” about a road trip.

You like: “Rock of Ages,” the hair-band musical.

Try: “Lollapacoacharoozastock Music Festival,” a rock-concert spoof.

You like: “Cinderella,” with its re-envisioned feistier princess.

Try: “A Fallopian Fairy Tale,” which spins around a “Disney meets ‘Girls’ children’s book.”

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