Bungling burglars leave name and address at crime scene

Bungling burglar Robert Taylor left his calling card at crime scene Bungling burglar Robert Taylor left his calling card at crime scene [Caters]

The dozy pair of career criminals left complete contact details after the robbery at the four star Kilburn Guest House in Bridlington, East Yorks.

Repeat offender Robert Taylor, 36, had just been released from prison for a previous burglary offence when he and William Shearon, 23, carried out the break-in.

The crooks, both from Bridlington, Yorks, stole a television, a mobile phone and charity cash from RNLI collection boxes as well as alcohol and money from the bar.

They also drove the hotel owner’s Ford Mondeo off the drive.

But they were soon caught after the owner was woken by his dogs barking at 5am and found the charity boxes had been dumped outside the hotel, along with alcohol and Taylor’s prison paperwork.

Among the paperwork was a letter addressed to Taylor, which included details of his release from prison just hours earlier, along with his name and address.

burglar, william shearon, jailedAccomplice William Shearon was also jailed for raid [Caters]

The police were informed and launched a search of the area to find Taylor and the bungling pair were found in the area a few hours later.

Taylor pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court to burglary, taking a vehicle without consent and theft and has been jailed for two years, along with his accomplice, Shearon.

Judge Michael Mettyear, Honorary Recorder of Hull and the East Riding, told him: “You have more than 40 offences of theft and everything has been tried with you over the years. It may well be that drink and drugs has played a part but that is no consolation to your victims or an excuse.”

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