Dirds: The latest internet photoshopping fad

The internet has brought some of the strangest thingsThe internet has brought some of the strangest things [ TUMBLR]

With a dog for a head and the body of a bird, images of Dirds are spreading quickly.

Internet jokers have tried to out-do one another with their new designs of the hybrid creatures.

From a pug and a sparrow to a labrador and an eagle, the cross-breeds just keep coming.

The cute little creatures themselves seem a bit confused.

Over the past couple of years, the realistic pictures have flown across the internet with many double-taking the edited images.

extremely realistic, tumblr, lookSome look extremely realistic [TUMBLR]

pug, sparrow, dirdsA pug and a sparrow, really? [TUMBLR]

tumblr, dirds, birds, dogsOur favourite here [TUMBLR]

yorkie, scared, This yorkie looks scared [TUMBLR]

eyeing bowl, food, dog, birdEyeing up it’s bowl of food [TUMBLR]

dachshund, dog, birdThis miniature dachshund is ready to fly [TUMBLR]

Can you imagine the racket these things would make in the morning?

A Tumblr user

After being posted as a set on image blogging website Tumblr, many have been baffled by the strange photo art.

One commenter wrote: “Oh my, this is too weird! But also amazing.”

Another replied: “Can you imagine the racket these things would make in the morning?”

Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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