How to get a PS4 today, and our PS4 stock tracker

Best Buy Black Friday crunch, with the PS4

This morning, as clocks around the world ticked over to November 15 2013, Sony kicked off the eighth generation of console gaming by releasing the PlayStation 4. If you pre-ordered a PS4, the mailman hopefully delivered it this morning. If you managed to reserve a PS4 at GameStop or Best Buy, you can casually pick your console up at any point today. If you haven’t pre-ordered or reserved a PS4, though, you can still buy a PS4 today, on launch day. Read on to find out how.

How to buy a PS4 today

While the initial shipment of PS4s apparently sold out weeks ago, it seems some stores were holding out on us: Walmart, Toys R Us, and Best Buy all have the PS4 in stock — but only in-person and in-store, not online.

PS4 in-stock at WalmartIf you want to pick up a PS4 today, you need to find a Walmart, Toys R Us, or Best Buy with the PS4 still in stock. If you hit up the Walmart listing for the PS4, there is a store locator that will show you if your local Walmart has a PS4 — and if not, how far you will need to travel to find one. Best Buy is out of individual consoles, but you can still find the PS4 bundle at many locations: Hit up Best Buy’s PS4 bundle page and then click “Check Stores” to find the nearest location with stock. Toys R Us won’t allow you to order a PS4 online, and it doesn’t have a store locator, but we can confirm that some Toys R Us stores have the PS4 in stock — so, phone your local store and see what they say.

Updated: Despite the Best Buy store locator showing lots of stores with the PS4 bundle in stock, it has now been disabled. We’re not sure why this is the case. We suggest you phone your local store instead, to confirm.

PS4 stock tracker

If you’d rather not mess around with store locators or spend the afternoon on the phone, we’ve compiled a list of Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys R Us stores with confirmed PS4 stock. We will update this list throughout the day — and if you find a store that has the PS4 in stock, please leave a comment so that we can update the list.

New York

Most Best Buys have the PS4, as a bundle, except for the huge stores (Union Square, Times Square, Atlantic Terminal). NY 10451, NY 10028, NY 10023, NY 10017, NY 11101, NY10458, NY 10010, NY 10314 – all have the bundle at this time.

Walmart: There are no Walmarts in NYC, but check the New Jersey section below for some nearby stores (Bayonne & Secaucus).

Toys R Us:

New Jersey

Best Buy: NJ 07094, NJ 08830, NJ 07310

Walmart: NJ 07002, NJ 07094, NJ 07095

Toys R Us: NJ 07095


Best Buy:

Walmart: IL 60639, IL 60639, IL 60620. (Doty Avenue and Bridgeview are out of stock.)

Toys R Us:

Los Angeles

Best Buy:

Walmart: CA 90008, CA 90660, CA 90808

Toys R Us:

San Francisco

Best Buy:

Walmart: CA 94621 (Oakland), CA 94040 (Mountain View), CA 94806 (Richmond)

Toys R Us:


Best Buy:

Walmart: TX 77007, TX 77022, TX 77055, TX 77096. (The Walmart on Sam Houston Pkwy N has limited stock.)

Toys R Us:

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