Is this Britain's strangest pet owner? Meet the woman with 40 CATS

Marlene with some of her catsMarlene with some of her cats [CHANNEL 5]

The cat enthusiast is surrounded day and night by the 40 felines who follow her around her home.

They are groomed and bathed every day, a procedure which can see Marlene up until the early hours of the morning as she prepares them for shows.

The unusal pet owner spends around £200 a week on the felines’ food and although she received funds following her mother’s death to feed the cats, she admis the money is running out.

Marlene’s mother died nine years ago leaving her 14 pedigree Persians to add to her own 26 cats.

She said: “The cats never upset me, I like people but sometimes they can be aggravating. I have closed myself down to the only pleasure which is being with the animals I’m surrounded by.”

Marlene, cats, 40, womanMarlene has some 40 pedigree Persians [CHANNEL5 ]

Her best friend Coleen admitted that she had named Marlene ‘her eccentric friend.’

Coleen added: “Her life is her cats. I couldn’t imagine Marlene without her cats. I couldn’t cope with 40 but she does.”

Marlene’s story is one of many exposed by recent Channel 5 programme Pet Horders.

Another pet horder came in the form of Deb and her family who share their Yorkshire home with a brood of chickens.

Her passion for poultry started when she passed a farm snd was overwhelmed by the shrieking of chickens being kept in terrible conditions.

She crammed 60 birds into her car and headed home.

Since then, Deb has sold the business that she used to run and now nurses and cares for them all on a full-time basis. Deb plans to rescue and care for more abused animals, no matter what species.


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