Jeremy Paxman pays tribute to David Dimbleby's tattoo in Newsnight tease

Jeremy Paxman teased David Dimbleby over his tattooJeremy Paxman teased David Dimbleby over his tattoo [BBC]

The Newsnight presenter signed off from the show with the words ‘Good Nite’ written across his knuckles in an obvious tease at the Question Time host.

David Dimbleby’s decision to get his first tattoo at the age of 75 hit the headlines as many rushed to congratulate him.

Dimbleby chose the design because his star sign is Scorpio as he celebrated a landmark birthday last month.

He revealed: “It’s beautifully done, actually. It’s a work of art. They have these 3D tattoos now that are done using photographs, which are just astonishing, but I wasn’t about to have one myself.

“And then there’s Cheryl Cole’s bottom…I wasn’t tempted to have any private parts decorated, I have to tell you.

“I thought the shoulder was the most discreet place. I didn’t want it on my arm because it would show every time I rolled up my sleeve.”

 Jeremy Paxman wrote ‘Good Nite’ across his knuckles [BBC]

David Dimbleby, tattoo, 75David Dimbleby got his first tattoo at the age of 75 [TWITTER]

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