Rolle says Giants ‘will continue to fight’

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Late in the game, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo picks on Antrel Rolle, as he’s forced to slide over to nickle cornerback. Rolle breaks up the pass to Miles Austin here, but allows Romo to complete crucial passes on Dallas’ game-winning drive.

The Giants may have barely a flicker of life left in their longer-than-longshot playoff hopes, but Antrel Rolle said on WFAN that that will not keep them from playing hard over these final five games.

“We’re the fighting Giants,” Rolle said. “We will continue to fight.”

Rolle added that he is “overly confident” that these Giants will play hard, despite the circumstances.

“The chances are extremely slim,” he said. “To be honest with you, neither does it matter. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about making the playoffs. We still have to go out there and play five games as if it’s our last.

“Things are not going to work out in your favor all the time,” he added. “That doesn’t mean you hang your head low. You go out there, and you get better.”


Rolle saw some things he could have done better personally in the Cowboys game, too. He admitted that when he was forced into a nickel corner role on Dallas’ decisive game-ending drive (thanks to an injury to corner Trumaine McBride), he was rusty. And he added that Cowboys QB Tony Romo did indeed pick on him on that final drive.

But Rolle insisted that, if the circumstances were repeated, Romo would not have had success again.

“To be honest with you, I haven’t practiced in the nickel spot in six weeks,” Rolle said. “On any other day, they could have tried to pick on me whenever they want to, but they would not have been successful.”

Rolle added that he hadn’t been part of any of the trash talk in the leadup to the game.

“I wasn’t doing any trash talking,” he said.

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