VIDEO: Adorable moment a little boy dressed as a tiger makes friends with a REAL tiger cub

The boy is seen playing with the real tiger cubThe boy is seen playing with the real tiger cub [YOUTUBE]

The video, shows young Marshall  Shaffer dressed up in his favourite tiger suit playing with a six-month-old tiger cub through viewing glass.

Mum Jackie watched on as young Marshall ran up and down the viewing area with the tiger, named Kali who seemed to be happy to play with the two-year-old like she would her brothers and sisters.

 Little Marshall fell over and six-month-old Kali mimicked him [YOUTUBE]

The pair are seen happily playing for more than 2 minutes and young Marshall have has a little tumble as he gets carried away in the moment.

Kali jumps down as two-year-old Marshall falls over replicating the movements of her new friend.

It was all laughs and giggles for the youngster although it may have been a little different had it not been for the protective glass between the pair.

 At times Kali would get a little too playful on the other side of the glass [YOUTUBE]

 The two were seen running up and down the glass [YOUTUBE]

Daily Express :: Weird Feed

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