What a climax: Countdown viewers left blushing over 'orgasmed' spelling round

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley spells out orgasmed on the boardCountdown presenter Rachel Riley spells out ‘orgasmed’ on the board [CHANNEL4]

Letters chosen during one round of the Channel 4 show spelt the word “orgasmed” and the eight-letter contribution was displayed by presenter Rachel Riley.

Contestants had to find the longest word from the selection of nine letters chosen – E, A, S, R, P, G, O, M and D.

The best efforts by the players were the six-letter “grapes” and seven-letter “grasped” in the edition of the afternoon show.

But lexicographer Susie Dent, 46, in dictionary corner, came up with “orgasmed”. Host Nick Hewer, 69, said: “Oh, well done.”

Rachel, 27, who competed on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1 before she was knocked out in week six, then arranged the letters on the board.

The word “orgasmed” has appeared on the show before. It was used in the final three years ago when Jeff Stelling was the presenter.

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