Dougherty hopes third time’s the charm at Golden Gloves

 2013 Daily News Golden Gloves. Petrides High School. Staten Island, NY.

Ken Goldfield for New York Daily News

Tim Dougherty (r.) fights his way to back-to-back Golden Gloves final appearances.

Tim Dougherty is hoping his third time is a charm.

The Fresh Meadows product has been to back-to-back Daily News Golden Gloves finals, but so far, has only silver to show for it. Now with a new coach and a new gym in 2014, the 201-pounder is eager to break the trend.

“I was actually looking to take a little break and was going to go back out to sea, but something happened and it made me realize that I wanted to compete and start boxing (again),” the merchant marine said. “I want to make name for myself now. I’m determined.”

That “something” occurred in Queens, when some “clown” on a moped rear-ended Dougherty’s car, then sped off without so much as an apology. The heavyweight says the event brought out an aggression in him that had been dormant and he decided to channel that energy into the ring.

Dougherty sought assistance at the Win or Die Boxing Club with coach Michael Kozlowski, a Kazakhstani whose rigorous training regiments have produced several notable Gloves champions.

The Fresh Meadows boxer hopes to climb in the ring under the brights lights at Barclays Center again.

Ken Goldfield/(Ken Goldfield for Ny Daily News

The Fresh Meadows boxer hopes to climb in the ring under the brights lights at Barclays Center again.

“It’s hard to just put it in a few words, but I’ve been with him 60 training sessions and he brings out the aggressive side. He knows how to get the point across and drills it into my head over and over,” Dougherty said. “I’m learning detail, every little thing you could imagine. Any little thing I do wrong, he corrects.”

In 2012, Dougherty went head-to-head with Joshua Marte in the 201-Novice finals but fell short in a 3-2 decision on the scorecards. As a super heavyweight in 2013, one mistake would prove to be Dougherty’s undoing at Barclays Center.

“I’ve watched the film over and over from that fight. What happened was I leaned back like a clown and tried to throw an uppercut and then a hook and completely exposed myself,” he said. “I gave up my height and my reach and while missing with the left hook I dropped my left hand, didn’t have my guard up and Elijah (Thomas) hit me with a few overhand right bombs. I got hit pretty good and that’s history.”

Thomas scored third-round stoppage and ended Dougherty’s bid for gold for the second straight year. But with a new system behind him and back at his natural weight of 201 pounds, Dougherty feels more confident than ever.

“It’s not going to be easy, but I do feel very confident,” he said. “I feel it’s going to go well.”

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