Mighty Quinn: December 2

The Mighty One is in a big hole

Don’t let him distract you with his pizza math: MQ is down big with only a month to go!

The following conversation took place when Mighty recently called a local pizzeria in Rosedale:

MQ: “I’d like to order one pizza to go.”

P: “You want one pie or one slice?”

MQ: “One pizza, please.”

P: “One pizza could be one pie or one slice.”

MQ: “I know you’re of Italian descent, but I took one semester of Italian at Queensborough Community College, and pizza translated to English is pie. So if I order a pizza pie, according to you, I would be ordering a pie pie. Plus, would I call in an order for one slice to go?”

P: “I don’t care what they taught you in college, and I’m really busy now. It’s Friday night and I’m packed. So what do you want?”

MQ: “Okay, okay, can I have one pizza pie to go, please?”

Mighty had no play Sunday and likes Iowa State on Monday.

The deficit is 1410 sirignanos. 

Daily News – Sports

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