Santa Claus is coming to town: St Nick and Rudolph are launched into orbit

Santa and Rudolph fly 100 000ft above the earth s atmosphereSanta and Rudolph fly 100,000ft above the earth’s atmosphere [SWNS]

These incredible pictures show Father Christmas and Rudolph flying after a pair of science fans blasted them into orbit. 

Mark Ireland and Cassie Phelps attached a high altitude weather balloon to a model of the two characters. 

They launched the balloon and watched it disappear into the sky and within two hours Santa and the Red Nosed Reindeer were 100,000ft above the earth’s surface.

The figures also had a camera attached, which captured incredible views of the planet’s curvature.

Eventually the helium filled balloon – which cost around £50 – popped and its passengers started to fall to the ground.

A parachute then opened and it slowed down before landing 70 miles away from its launch position in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. 

santa, space, orbit, reindeer, rudolph, camera, Mark Ireland, Cassie PhelpsMark Ireland poses with the camera and model which was launched into orbit with a balloon [SWNS]

Cassie, 27, said: “It is a personal project which we have been working on. We watched a Lego man go into space on YouTube and thought ‘let’s have a go’.

“We started sending normal cameras into space and, with Christmas coming up, decided to send Santa into sky.

“We got clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority and launched on December 1st. It set off from the Forest of Dean and about two-and-a-half hours later it landed in Yeovil.

santa, space, orbit, reindeer, rudolph, Flying high – Santa and Rudolph are attached to a high altitude weather balloon [SWNS]

“It reached just short of 100,000ft which is the stratosphere – it is nearly but not quite space. We managed to get shots of the curvature of the earth so we were really pleased.” 

The couple have carried out a number of similar projects which they blog about at 

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