The Score: Hey Dolan, let’s mix things up a bit

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Carmelo Anthony’s offensive skill-set is exactly what is missing from the goal-a-game Rangers.

Could Henrik Lundqvist become the defensive stopper Mike Woodson’s been searching for? Is it possible Carmelo Anthony can rescue the Rangers offense from the doldrums they call home?

Sure, these hypothetical questions appear to be insane, but with both teams playing under MSG’s famed roof resembling doormats it’s time boss James Dolan begins weighing unorthodox measures to shake things up rather than spending his free time booking gigs for JD & The Straight Shot.

An entire roster swap is as silly as imagining Alain Vigneault directing a lay-up line, but the idea of trading a handful of players between the organizations who possess athletic skills that could transfer from the court to the ice may tighten up those 40-point blowouts and abysmal 1-goal showings.

A fantastic way to start is by getting Ryan Callahan a colorful pair of high tops.

The Rangers captain is a selfless, natural leader that would demand immediate accountability.

How many post-game interviews have been flooded with lame ‘we lacked effort’ responses from Knicks players and even their coach? Callahan possesses the ability to correct that issue and restore a true sense of pride.

A serious lack of speed has kept the Knicks transition game, and help defense, stuck in slow motion this season.

Insert Carl Hagelin.

Hagelin, one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, could take the ball out of Raymond Felton’s hands and push the tempo enough to wake up the courtside fans dozing off in their $ 25 beers. He could also help challenge some outside shots by using a few hip checks to battle through picks.

When it comes to defense there isn’t anyone better in N.Y. at stopping opponents than Lundqvist. Without Tyson Chandler, the Knicks are utterly lost. If Lundqvist can keep a tiny rubber puck in front of him we’re willing to bet he can keep a 7-foot forward from getting too close to the goal.

Speaking of which, the Rangers ran John Tortorella out of town in hopes Vigneault could get some of their gifted offensive players closer to that coveted area.

The Knicks need a proven defensive stopper and Henrik Lundqvist could be the answer.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Knicks need a proven defensive stopper and Henrik Lundqvist could be the answer.

It’s fair to say that plan has failed miserably as the Blueshirts are second to last in goals scored per contest, and their coach just said he’s not quite sure “they have the personnel to play the type of game” he wants.

Paging Carmelo.

Anthony, one of the most talented offensive players in the world, would be a welcome addition to a team that tries to make the perfect play rather than just shooting while they have the chance.

What would be a greater accomplishment than leading both leagues in attempted shots?

The Brooklyn native could use his 6-8 body to block the opposing goalie’s view on the power-play – or maybe even use his large frame to jump between the pipes for the team. There’s no doubt the superior athlete could pull it off.

Andrea Bargnani is another player who could boost the stagnant offense.

He loves shooting the rock from 3-point distance, so why not let him play the point on that abomination of a power play and see if he can register a few goals – or at least hit the net, which is something the team has a very hard time doing.

When the Rangers foolishly allowed Brandon Prust to escape two seasons ago, they lost an enormous amount of grit and personality.

Adding Kenyon Martin and Metta World Peace, would be a gigantic step in filling those glaring voids. Having characters of that nature would help keep the team loose, while making opponents nervous to skate through the neutral zone with their heads down.

Now, here’s the good news: Dolan doesn’t have to sweet talk any general managers into pulling off these fictitious moves to breathe life into ‘the world’s most depressing arena’ where fans have witnessed a combined 8 wins this season. 8 wins!

The King in orange and blue? Melo sporting an original six sweater?

Let’s do this!

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