VIDEO: Cute video of two-legged pup taking his best friend for a ride in his wheelchair

Duncan Lou Who carts his best pal Ducky aroundDuncan Lou Who carts his best pal Ducky around [CATERS]

Sixteen-week-old Boxer Duncan Lou Who melted hearts around the world with his determined strut despite being born with severely deformed back legs.

The plucky pooch can still run circles around his owners and has conquered his disability by bounding everywhere on his front paws.

Vets have now hand built him a bespoke green wheelchair to ease the stress on his spine – which nicely doubles up as a chariot for his best pal Ducky.

Duncan Lou Who was forced to have an operation last month to separate his hind legs – which were completely fused together – and amputate the bottom half.

But you can’t keep a good dog down and Panda Paws Rescue, Vancouver, Canada, took him home and helped find a new lease of life on wheels.

Owner Amanda Giese revealed despite being nervous about his ‘bright green spaceship’ at first, Duncan Lou Who took to it like a duck on water when Ducky hopped on board.

Amanda said: “Ducky and Duncan Lou Who are best friends. Words cannot describe how amazing Ducky has been for Duncan through this whole process.

“Ducky climbed onto the back of his space ship and instantly Duncan felt more confident. You could see his whole posture change, his eyes lit up, he wanted to run and run with the others.

“I have a feeling Ducky will get plenty of chariot rides thanks to his best friend.” 

Duncan Who, dog, two, legs, cart, DuckyThe boxer was born with severely deformed back legs which had to be amputated [CATERS]

Duncan Lou Who’s story has been shared around the world. A video of him learning to run on two legs went viral and has attracted over 800,000 hits within a week. 

The rescue centre say he has never been in any pain and does everything a four-legged dog can do.

He is given daily physiotherapy to try to keep his deformed spine from worsening.

The puppy is even taken into a hydrotherapy pool and is helped through stretches and massages.

Amanda added: “This boy would run circles around anyone. He can keep up with our other five normal dogs and he lives one hell of an awesome life filled with love.

“He plays like a wild man, chews toys, chases the cat, pees on the rug and enjoys a good adventure like any other four-month-old puppy.

“He isn’t suffering, he’s not in pain, he doesn’t feel sympathy for himself and he doesn’t care whatsoever that he’s any different.

“The chair is to help take strain off of his spine. It’s our hopes that it’ll protect, support and straighten his spine. Lessening the risk of major spinal damage.” 

Duncan Lou Who, cart, dog, legs, puppy, runningThe video of Duncan Lou Who learning to run on two legs went viral [CATERS]

Panda Paws Rescue are a family owned canine rescue run by Amanda Giese, Gary Walters and their two children Beast and Jade.

They specialise in single and double amputation pre and post-operative care, paralysis, hydrocephalus, birth defects and unique abnormalities in canines.

Amanda added: “To us, every dog deserves to live a pain-free, healthy, happy life.

“Even if they have different abilities to others.” 

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