I built my own Downton Abbey set… in Lego

Fan Eric Stevens Lego Downton complete with figuresFan Eric Stevens’ Lego Downton, complete with figures [CATERS]

downton abbey, castThe Downton characters, pictured at Highclere Castle [ITV]

Building on the success of the hit ITV drama, the stunning model was painstakingly crafted from thousands of the children’s plastic bricks by an American fan.

The Earl and Countess of Grantham, Bates the valet, Branson the chauffeur, Matthew, Carson the butler, Lady Mary, Lady Sybil and the Dowager are all represented in this unique Lego set.

It is based on ground and aerial photos of the real Highclere Castle in Berkshire, where Downton is filmed, and old floor plans of the building found online.

The figures were designed with the aid of photo galleries of the cast and then parts from other Lego sets were matched to the drama’s lavish period costumes.

The Lego Downton Abbey is the brainchild of Eric Stevens, 23, from Rochester, New York. He built it as a Christmas present for his girlfriend. “I looked to see if anyone had created Downton Abbey Lego whilst watching last year. I couldn’t find any other ones, so I decided to build it myself as a gift for my girlfriend, who also loves the show,” he said.

“The design took about 15 hours, and about four hours to actually put it together. I think the project really captures the essence of Highclere, Downton and the brilliant period characters.

“All the characters are Lego-designed parts, rather than custom-printed pieces. The apron, for Lady Sybil’s nurse outfit, I made myself.”

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