New year, new puppy

 Who could say no to a face like that?

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Who could say no to a face like that?

Get a pet a home, but first realize that owning a pet is a commitment.

Enrich your family with a pet

Now that the holiday season draws to a close it is a good time to visualize how you see your life unfolding in 2014. Some of you will consider adding a new furry member to your family. Getting a pet is a huge responsibility, but if you’re ready to make the commitment, and this is the big consideration, it is a commitment, then this is a great time of year to adopt a shelter pet.

Having a pet is a commitment

One of the most popular holiday presents is a pet, but unfortunately for some pets they don’t make it as permanent members of a family and are often dumped into a shelter. Many people are totally unaware of how much of a commitment a pet is and are caught off guard at how much work it takes to properly train, raise and care for an animal. The next step is usually to drop that unlucky pet in a shelter and walk away for good. If you are ready to welcome a furry friend into your heart and home the first place you can go is your local animal shelter.

Find the right pet for you

Fortunately for you there is a large selection of different breeds and even species of animal to take home after the holidays. From pure bred pups to the best mixed breeds each shelter is loaded with new arrivals over this time. All you need to do is walk into your local shelter or peruse the internet to find the perfect pet for you and your family. Usually shelters communicate with one another so if your local shelter doesn’t have what you’re looking for ask for a contact in another shelter. Remember the main goal of most shelters is to find a home for each pet so don’t feel badly about asking for another shelter’s name or location.

Give yourself the gift of unconditional love

Just think of all the wonderful lifestyle changes you can make by adopting a pet. The extra love that will abound in your home, the extra exercise you’ll get and warm welcome home you’ll receive every time you walk through the door. With all the stress of the holidays finally over isn’t it time you did something for yourself? Reward yourself with the best gifts you can possibly get, companionship, love and loyalty. You’ll also be giving the greatest gift to a needy and worthy animal, a home.

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