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Hyundai will sell a hydrogen fuel cell SUV in 2014, 300-mile range expected

Hydrogen, not Botox or movie openings, is the talk of LA this week. Hyundai says it will begin selling a hydrogen-powered Tucson compact SUV in 2014. It’s one of several auto show announcements this week in Los Angeles and Tokyo about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles being readied for production. Hyundai says this will be the first mass-market hydrogen vehicle available ...

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Portable hydrogen fuel cell can recharge your phone, but it’s still too expensive for mass adoption

For over a decade, portable fuel cells makers have been promising that they were about to become economical for mobile and remote applications. California-based Jadoo pioneered in the field, with a solution aimed at on-site TV crews and medical applications, but its products never achieved broad success. More recently, smaller units like the MyFC PowerTrekk have entered the market, catering ...

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